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nicolas scored 1812 in Desert Rally on 13th October 2017 - 07:41 PM
nicolas scored 55 in Wiggi Woods on 13th October 2017 - 07:33 PM
nicolas scored 143750 in Ballies Shoot on 13th October 2017 - 07:21 PM
Steelcrusher scored 260 in Joes Minor Adventure on 17th August 2017 - 09:48 AM
Steelcrusher scored 999 in 5 Reel Nascar Slots on 16th August 2017 - 03:36 PM
Tasos(84 Wins)
Steelcrusher(81 Wins)
cotteux(80 Wins)
jojo49(80 Wins)
HaVoK(57 Wins)
spiderlegend(55 Wins)
harrison(48 Wins)
insane22(42 Wins)
Dorius(37 Wins)
SexYMam@(33 Wins)
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80 wins

Games that cotteux is champion.
Gauntlet 2 - Collect the gold, food, potions, keys and Kill the gouls
Score to beat:
Overkill: Apache - Fly your Apache Helicopter, attack all targets!
Score to beat:
City Racers - Race in Championship mode with a selection of cars and tracks
Score to beat:
SpaceMan - Reach the teleport ring getting through different obstacles on your way.
Score to beat:
Pahhh - Use Your Microphone And Voice To Control Your Ship
Score to beat:
Space Man 2 - Speedy the space man is back and this time he has to rescue some aliens!
Score to beat:
AMG Drift Competition - Take a spin on a closed winter course and learn how to drift
Score to beat:
Authority Shift - You are an officer working for the government. There is a riot and it is out of control, so you are their enemy. Run for you life
Score to beat:
Art Thief - You are a world renowned art thief with a limited time to disable the museum alarm and steal the paintings.
Score to beat:
Base Jumping - open your parachute at the right moment to progress thru each league.
Score to beat:
Escape From Castle Doom - Help the Blue Peter presenters escape from Castle Doom. Like Lemming
Score to beat:
Flash Circle TD - Tower defence style but different map
Score to beat:
Bowmaster - Shoot various arrows at the incomming invaders before they reach your castle
Score to beat:
Destination Earth - Classic Space Invaders like game
Score to beat:
Air Hockey - Play 8 rounds of air hockey
Score to beat:
Sea Dogs - Sink the enemys ship as soon as you can
Score to beat:
Critical Impact 2 - Be a morphed super hero and save the world.
Score to beat:
Dragon Wizard - Fly around with your dragon shooting other dragons and pain in the asses in this awsome many level adventure of Dragon Wizard
Score to beat:
Four Second Frenzy - Complete lots of games in 4 seconds or less.
Score to beat:
Absolutely Hammered - You're drunk, and you got a little time to hammer some nails in to make some money.
Score to beat:
Scooby Doo: Ghoul School. Creepy Cooking - Create a monster sized sandwich snack!
Score to beat:
Checkers - Classic Game Of Checkers
Score to beat:
Kung Fu Fighter - Yie Ar Kung Fu Style Game
Score to beat:
Christmas Party - It's your Christmas Party and Santa's been invited. Can you help him stay upright? Luckily Rudolph is driving tonight
Score to beat:
Hulk Throw - Swing the tank and throw it as far as you can in 3 tries
Score to beat:
Pandemic - Evolve, Infect, Kill. Pandemic is a game where you get to evolve you own biological virus and wipe out mankind.
Score to beat:
Find The Numbers - Find The Numbers before time run off
Score to beat:
Jelly Fiz - Use the arrow keys to move the spider and catch the Jellys.!
Score to beat:
Puzzle Defence - Match up the enemies to defeat them in this strategic puzzle game.
Score to beat:
Delta C64 - Now it's getting real retro. This is the flash conversion of the Commodore C64 space shooter game Delta. Use arrow keys to move and space to shoot
Score to beat:
Berzerk - Flash game based on the 1982 atari classic game
Score to beat:
Addiction Solitaire - Free Addiction Solitaire - Once You Start, You Can't Stop
Score to beat:
Bubiking - Jump the rope with style.
Score to beat:
Deep Game - Collect the Gems
Score to beat:
Dungeon Hunt - The objective of the game is to survive and escape. You are infected with a virus and your time is running out. Kill the zombies by throwing knives at them. Get the keys to unlock the doors.
Score to beat:
Air Voltar - The Mighty Skullossus is undefeated in the time-honoured sport of villain punting.
Score to beat:
Heli Racer - Extreme Chopper racing
Score to beat:
Attack of the Monsters 2 - Attack of the Monsters 2
Score to beat:
Spades Spider Solitaire - Spider Solitaire game with only Spades cards. Try to clear all cards from the game by grouping all cards in sets of 13 in sequence from King to Ace.
Score to beat:
MaxiYatzy - Ein Kniffel Klon
Score to beat:
Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition - check the in game help.
Score to beat:
Tournament Klondike Solitaire - This is Klondike solitaire,the solitaire card game you all know and love but with tournament rules and scoring
Score to beat:
Too Many Tanks - Destroy various enemies in your upgradeable tank! See how many waves you can survive in this challenging shooting game!
Score to beat:
Invasion Revenge - Stop the face huggers in this TD game.
Score to beat:
Dragon Mahjong - Line up the pickies by the way they look. As you stay alive the board changes. Gets hard fast.
Score to beat:
Castle Smasher - Load up your catapult, aim and fire stones at your enemies castles on a quest to conquer the kingdom.Travel from castle to castle as you perfect the art of tearing down enemy walls.
Score to beat:
GemCraft - Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, I good TD game with Creation and combination of magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters . The submit button is in stats menu.
Score to beat:
Balloon Invasion - You are the commander of the anti-air defense in the area. The enemy is invading from the open sea with enormous battle groups of bomb-armed balloons. Win battles, gain experience, level up and upgrade our defense. The submit button is in stats menu.
Score to beat:
Virus 3 Triangle - Virus 3 Triangle is an intriguing game of strategy and skill
Score to beat:
Firefly Collector - Go on, take a break, catch some magical fireflies in the tranquil woods! To keep score just wait after the score.
Score to beat:
Mahjong Discovery - Help Peter on his hunt for the treasure in this beautifull Mahjong game.
Score to beat:
M.I.R.C. - Defend your base with a dice is the Magnetic. Controls the dice with your mouse, fly so that the magnetic waves and thus make him her destroys the missiles.
Score to beat:
Chain of Fire - Start a fire and watch it spread. This puzzler will have you setting as many stick figures on fire as possible as they cause uncontrollable chain reactions of fire.
Score to beat:
Scorpion Attack - Defend your castle from the attacking giant scorpions! Shoot them before they destroy your castle! You can upgrade your weapons in each level.
Score to beat:
Invadertron - How about a little retro Space Invaders shoot out? Well, this is what you get in the quite challenging shoot em up game Invadertron. Use arrows and space.
Score to beat:
Dice Mix - Move the blue dice to the red position and the red dice to the blue position.
Score to beat:
Jet Pack Pizza - Use your mouse to guide him through the levels and avoid walls and obstacles.
Score to beat:
Black and White Mahjong 2 - Mahjong with a twist, match black and white tiles with the same symbols.
Score to beat:
3D Snow Kart Rally - Kart Race type game on snow and ice. Grab the powerups to increase your chances.
Score to beat:
Atari Quiz Challenge - How smart is your atari skills?
Score to beat:
Cube Tema Full - Cube Tema
Score to beat:
Munch n Movies - Munch n Movies is another new serving type of game created by In this game kids are watching movie in a theater .They need some snacks at the time of intermission to munch. So serve the correct order of foods within the time
Score to beat:
Road Assault2 v32 - Road Assault 2 is a free online flash game. Use different types of weapons to defend your armored truck from incoming enemy forces in this shooter game.
Score to beat:
Tripeaks Mania - Yet another version of the Tripeaks card game.
Score to beat:
Crowd Control - Get ready to rock with Buddy Lee as you run crowd control at exciting concerts in New York, Sydney and London. Buddy is counting on you to make sure everyone has a good time by keeping everyone in line and making sure all their needs are met.
Score to beat:
Bullet Bounty Hunter v32 - Fight enemies as you grab coins that come from their lifeless bodies. Mind your health, don't die. Best played in normal screen.
Score to beat:
Mail Truck v2 - To be the mail man is a tough job. Try to take the mails as fast as you can using your mail truck. You have to drive on a bumpy road, full of obstacles and is very easy to flip off. Deliver all the mails in time on each level and complete your day mission
Score to beat:
World of Dungeons - Conqueror in this retro game the guardians of a long-forgotten dungeons and liberate others caught .
Score to beat:
Balancing Act - Which is the heaviest.
Score to beat:
Confrontation Normal - Your objective is to beat the hell out strange creatures; kill them faster than your computer opponent and survive a battle round.
Score to beat:
Diamond Theft - Get the diamond and come back to your place without getting caught by the sensors. And that too before the time run out. Have fun!
Score to beat:
SPEEDcluster 2 - In Speed Cluster 2 the player has to stack cards from the bottom row onto any of the columns to form a combo. A card can only be placed on top of another if the value is one point higher or lower. The combo ends when a stack of cards disappear past the bo
Score to beat:
Arm of Revenge - Calling all the fighters on the earth... Do you like Street Fighter, KOF, Devil May Cry, or Shank? Now you got the most fun fighting/action game on the Flash platform -Arm of Revenge! Touching story, smooth moves, more than 30 skills to combo, 3 types of
Score to beat:
B29 Assault - Shooting Game
Score to beat:
Gift Tower - Build the tower to the maximum height with your gifts near the Eiffel Tower,Paris in this challenging building/balancing game. Drop the block just right one above the other nicely. Build the tallest tower possible.
Score to beat:
Balloon Shot - Shoot the balloons before your opponent reaches the ground
Score to beat:
Dead Tree Defender - Shoot the enemy before they break down your defenses and kill you
Score to beat:

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